Our reclaimed customized Fireplace Mantels, Shelving, Bar tops and Counter tops are masterpieces of warmth and beauty designed to make any room the focal point.

Each creation is custom handcrafted and made with solid reclaimed wood.  Made with your choice of finish, rustic level & size. Rustic Mantels, Shelving and Bar tops are handcrafted one-of-a-kind originals that feature unique grain patterns designed by the Rocky Mountain Beetle.  Thanks to these little guys and their hard work in unfortunately killing the tree.  I am able to reclaim the wood locally and create these beautiful pieces.  All of my pieces are carefully measured, designed and handcrafted in Parker, Colorado. Each mantel or shelving piece is carefully milled from the finest reclaimed beetle kill pine wood found locally in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

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Floating Shelving & Shelves

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Handcrafted Bar Tops & Counter tops

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A little about our little project......

Floating Shelf (No mounting hardware that you can see.)
Standard Shelf  (Using hardware that mounts to the bottom of the shelf but made for you to see it and enjoy how it looks)

With Floating shelves I can supply the hard ware or you can tell me what size of hole and opening you will need for it to mount flush to the wall. The hardware type of shelf is can be very detailed on making the hardware to fit. Will be an additional cost associated in doing this. A floating shelf cost is up to $20 a board foot for a piece that is 2 inches thick. The cost will go up as the thicker pieces are more expensive to start. But at that time the additional cost would only be the cost of the wood. Plus the cost of the mounting hardware.  Each piece can be any size/thickness with the only limitation of being the mounts you are planning on using. Direct contact for these is best.

With a standard Shelf you will use your own hard ware to mount shelf and I will just find a pretty piece of week to finish and its done. This type of shelf can be any size/thickness as long as the mounts you choose can hold that. Shelf cost is up to 14.00 a board foot for 2 inch thick. If you want a shelf that is only an inch thick, Up to 12.00 a board foot. Any thicker than 2 inches please contact for further details. Both types of shelves can be custom made to what ever you want. Live edge or not. Do you want a straight edge or some sort of rounded or with a routered edge? I can also finish them with what ever finish you would like. Poly, Natural finishes,

The sky is the limit! Email me with the details of what you are looking for and I will get you a final price. The above information is so you can get an idea of cost to start. So get to dreaming of what you would like and get in-touch with me so we can make that dream a reality.

Shelving, Bar tops & Counter tops

Before we start this project for you. I will need a sketch of exactly you would like. You will need to provide me with the exact measurements of the piece you would like. The cost for this type of project is based on board foot.

1  inch thick bar top bar top wood is $12 a board foot for finished product.

2 inch is $20 a board foot for finished product.

Thicker wood is available and will quote that when all details are received.

There may be some waste cost associated with all finished projects. That will be figured in before the project starts. Contact me for more details. I will work with you to get you the project done at the cheapest price with out effecting the final product. Installation will need to be discussed. Take a look at my website for a finished projects and lets get sketching!

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