Christmas Decorations made with Reclaimed Beetle Kill Pine

Reclaimed Beetle Kill Wood Snowman Christmas Decoration

Finally here and in the shop. This little gem stands about 8-9 inches tall and are about 2 inches thick. He sits on any flat surface just fine. They are unfinished and raw wood. has felt eyes and mouth. Nose has been painted orange. 3 real buttons. Coat hangers for arms and can be bent anyway you would like to exchanged easily if you want something longer. Ribbon around hat and scarf can be removed and replace with any version you would like. Everyone if them will be different. Some taller, some shorter, some wider, and some slimmer. I have some other ribbons and such for some that will be coming out soon. These could be a big selling item so get them fast before they are gone.

Holiday Christmas Snowman #2

Approx 8 inches tall. 3 inch base and about 2 inches thick. no finish on them natural wood. It will sit on flat surface without any stand. Felt eyes and mouth, real buttons for body, ribbon can be removed and replaced with your own style.

Made from beautiful Beetle Kill Pine from the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

***A little history on beetle kill pine***
The millions of acres of dead pine trees throughout the Western United States is better known as Beetle Kill Pine. The killer of these trees is the mountain pine beetle which bores into the wood, lays their eggs, and ultimately suffocates the tree by cutting off its water and nutrient supply.

There's an artistic benefit to the pine beetle infestation. The beetle carries a fungus that slowly turns the wood different colors. Commonly known as “blue stain” the colors that appear can range from blue, brown, orange, yellow, and red. The fungal staining is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the structural integrity of the wood. And that blue, pine-beetle-kill wood is what we use to create our beautiful pieces.

If you do not see something you like.  Please email me and I will be happy to customize your special Holiday Decoration Piece.

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