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A little about Shane’s Beetle Kill Crafts....

Personally collected and crafted reclaimed beetle kill pine wood, I repurpose this wood into beautiful crafts. I find some of the most interesting pieces that have natural knots and cracks from drying naturally in the wild.

The wood that I find sometimes has a “blue” fungus that is from the beetle and is what ended up killing the tree I reclaim. There are also holes caused by the beetles. I try my best to show the color of the fungus and the holes off without hiding it. I believe that is the prettiest part of the wood when finished. The unique beauty of each piece shows its imperfections. It is not always possible to get a perfectly square piece of wood, a perfect flat cut, or a perfectly smooth surface. My goal is to show off each piece’s natural color, wormholes, and tracks as I can, which sometimes means sanding less to leave some rough spots.

All of my materials are provided to me from mother nature and her little creatures the pine beetle. All of my wood products are reclaimed from the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
I find these wonderful specimens on my nature walk and hunting excursions in the mountains. I bring this raw wood home and let it speak to me on what it wishes to be! Each piece can be customized.

What is a Mountain Pine Beetle?

Mountain pine beetle (MPB) is a small insect, native to western North America. It lives most of its life in the inner bark of ponderosa and limber pine trees.

What does MPB look like?

The adult beetles are a black to rusty brown color insect about 1/4 of an inch in length, about the size of a pencil point. Their larvae are white and approximately the size of a rice grain.

How does MPB kill the tree?

The beetle's attack the trees in large numbers and eventually overcomes the tree’s defenses. They tunnel beneath the bark and lay their larvae. This disrupts the movement of food needed to feed the needles, branches, and roots. The adult beetles carry a blue stain fungus from tree to tree which also disrupts the movement of food and water through the tree. The combination of these factors results in the tree’s death.

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